Installation Case Gallery


2006-Busan University Campus-Air conditioning and heating (single,548)

2008-Gyeongbuk Institute of Cultural Heritage Building-Hot Water (Single, 92)

2017-Brecon-Hot water (double, 30)

2016-Chungnam National University Engineering Building-Hot water (double, 60)

2014-Busan International Passenger Terminal-Hot Water (Single, 311)

2012-Hongseong Middle School Swimming Pool-Hot Water (Single, 383)

2010-Gwangju Dong-gu Office-Hot water (single, 26)

2009-Hanbat Gymnasium-Hot water (double, 30)

2009-Daejeon Olympics Commemoration National Dormitory-Hot water (dual, 380)

2009-Daedeok Business Hub Center-Hot water (double, 30)

2008-Chungju Civil Service Training Center-Hot Water (Single, 102)

2008-Gwangju Jeonnam Regional Joint Office-Hot Water (Single, 117)

2007-Bundang District Heating Corporation-District Heating (Single, 637)

2007-Beomseocho Swimming Pool-Hot Water (Double,290)

2006-Korea Research Institute of Chemical Technology-Hot water (single, 64)

2004-Princess video information-Hot water (single, 260㎡)


Costco Hanam store signboard

PV washer installation

Shindale CC

Daegu CC

Golf Zone County Anseong Q

Costco Sejong Store Parking Lot

Yeosu Gwangyang Port Authority

Costco Busan Parking Lot


Pohang New Port

Valdez South Hobor, Alaska

Ulsan New Port

Costco Songdo Branch