Innovative heat dissipation design equipped with a heat pipe system is applied, and outputs from 150W to 240W are possible.

Selling price 341,000
Usage Indoor gym
Hypermarkets, high ceilings, factories, warehouses, industrial sites, etc.
Power consumption 120W
Rated voltage 1000~240/277 Vac
Light efficiency 120lm/W
Weight It is a reasonable design that can be easily replaced with an existing high ceiling, and you can choose from 3 types of E39 base/pendant/bracket depending on the installation method. If necessary for warehouse or interior design, reflectors can also be added.
Shipping fee

Shipping fee for bundle order : KRW 6,000 / Number of bundle orders : 1

Quantity - + At least 5, maximum 999
The total amount 1,705,000


Category Unit Specifications
Model - B150UN B185UN B220UN B120UO B150UO B180UO B200UO B240UO
Power Consumption W 150 185 220 120 150 180 200 240
Dimension(ΦxH) mm 350x170 480x518
Working Temp -30 ~ +50(Internal SMPS type : -30 +45)
IP Rate - IP65
Luminous Flux Im 21,000 25,900 30,800 14,400 18,000 21,600 24,000 28,800
Color Temp K 4000~6500
CRI Ra >80
Beam Angle FWHM 120 58(Up light : about 5%)
Luminous Efficacy Im/W 140 120
PPF μmol/s 736 1,380
Voltage Range Vdc 100-240 1000-240/277
Frequency Range Hz 50-60
Power Factor PF >0.9
Installation Type - Bracket Pendant

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